Coaches Q & A

How do I sign up?

  • All coaches, new and returning must register online!
  • The league is no longer accepting paper forms.
  • To register as a coach ask the Coaching Co-Ordinator or Registrar

 Do I need a License to Coach?

  • If you Coached last year under the Intent to Coach Agreement and you are returning to coach this year, you must have your F License to Coach this season.
  • There is no exception to this requirement.
  • For further information check out RCYSL Site

 If you have taken a coaching F or E clinic and would like to be reimbursed for the class, click here for the coach’s reimbursement form as well as the reimbursement policy.

League Badges, who needs them?

  • You and your assistant have to have the new League Badges.
  • If a Board Member asks to see your badge and you cannot produce one, your practice will have to be canceled.
  • If you have any parents that help during practices, even getting the players warmed up, they too must be fingerprinted and have a League Badge, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If you don’t have a Badge?
  • If neither you nor your Assistant Coach have a Badge, you may not hold practice.

When can I start practices?

  • You can start practices on or after August 1st.

 Why haven’t I received my roster/binder yet?

  • You or your Assistant Coach have not been cleared through fingerprinting
  • You or your Assistant Coach don’t have your F coaches license (if this is your second year coaching)
  • You don’t have enough players registered on your team
  • You have new players that have not submitted their birth certificates

 Is it OK to conduct practices at a park?

  • As long as that park has been permitted by Rosemont Soccer. For insurance purposes it is always best to check with a Board Member first.

 When will we receive our soccer balls?

  • You should receive the balls at the coaches meeting. If you don’t have them before your first practice, contact our uniform coordinator

 Where can I get a pop-up goal and other things I would need to run practices and games?

  • You can find most of what you need at any sporting goods store.
  • Depending on the age of your team, some items may be available through the club. Contact our Coaching Coordinator to find out availability.

 Can I have a labeled map of the locations and Fields?

  • There is usually a copy of the field maps in your coaching binder. If you do not receive one, please contact our coaching coordinator.

 When will a schedule be available?

  • Schedules for the first five regular season games come out a week after the seeding tournament. During our bi-week in October, teams are reassessed and you will then receive the second half of the season’s schedule.
  • Please contact club Manager, Assistant Manager, or Coaching Coordinator if you are concerned about your schedule.

What are the names and contact numbers of people I should know at Rosemont Soccer?

  • There should be a Board Member list, complete with names and position in your binder. We also have a contact list on our website.
  • If you do not see your question and answer on this page, contact the appropriate person for your specific question, all positions are listed.
  • Please remember, we are all volunteers and we have busy schedules and cannot always respond right away. Be patient and we will help you as soon as possible.

Are you interrested in Coaching? Do you have any Questions?Contact: Derek Warnken