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Micro soccer utilizes small-sided games to provide a positive recreational soccer experience for young players. The concept behind micro soccer is for children to play with small teams on a small field. Small-sided games provide opportunities for more touches on the ball, for a constant transition between attacking and defensive situations, for players to be in a goal scoring position more often, and for a lower player to coach ratio. The smaller field size brings the game down to the children’s size and emphasizes the concept of the triangle, which is fundamental to the game of soccer. Small-sided games compel each player to become involved in the game, thus everyone gets a chance to kick, dribble, shoot, and score.

The game is the great teacher. Micro soccer simplifies the rules so that the game is age-appropriate, easy to learn, and fun to play, providing an environment where the players can develop their soccer skills. By letting the kids learn at their own rate, without the pressure to perform, they will become life-long lovers of the game.

In short

  • Modified soccer will develop  players faster with more touches
  • Less players, coach can see the players clearer.
  • Offers parent/coaches an opportunity to grow
  • More exposure to defending and attacking principles
  • No refs- no pressure 
  • Better fitness training and players physically match field
  • Micro soccer offers natural progressions up to full sized soccer
  • Put kids in environment where they play lots of games and get lots of touches on the ball.

You can read more about micro soccer at  coaching soccer101

U-6 teams will play games against surrounding area Clubs, on Friday evenings.
Games are 8 minute quarters with 2 minute breaks for a total time of 38 minutes.