The Rosemont Soccer Club (RSC) assigns players to teams to allow players to enjoy applying their soccer skills in an organized way and to ensure that fairness and equality prevail. RSC policies are in accordance to the River City Youth Soccer League (RCYSL) policies for assigning players to teams. 

Teams are formed by the following criteria:

1. New and returning players who register by the May 31st deadline;

2. Requests made by a completed, on-time registration application that is “age pure”;

3. As needed to balance the number of players on each team within the age group, as determined by the League. 

All returning players (those who played on a team last year and registered by the Priority Registration deadline of May 31st) shall secure their place on the previous season’s team.

Registration is open! 

Play Up Policy

Your child/player will be registered into their default age group based on their birth year. If you would like your child/player to be considered to play above their default age group, review the following information.

Play Up Agreement:

Please note: Agreement of the Play Up Request during online registration does not guarantee placement in an older age group. The club will make every effort to accommodate player up requests, but balancing of teams and ensuring all players who register are assigned to a team roster for the season are the first priorities of the club.

● I am formally requesting my child/player to “Play up” to an older age group, then the default age group based on my child/player’s birth year.

● I understand that if my request is approved, my child will be competing against older, more mature, and possibly larger players.

​​​● I recognize that, if my request is approved, my child may have reduced playing time because of developmental differences. 

● I accept any risks in this situation and give my child/player permission to play with older players if my request is approved.

● I understand that this request will be considered based on team space availability, age group of the team, team player’s age, needs of the Club and justification of the request. 

● I understand that this request must be coordinated and approved by all required persons, and that I will be notified of the outcome of this request either approved or denied. If denied, a reason shall be provided. 

​● I understand that, if approved, this request shall remain in effect for the remainder of the current season only. It will not be carried to the next season.

● I understand that this request is not revocable by me after my child/player is place on a team..

$20 deposit will be collected per registered child and will be reimbursed once a parent/guardian has completed a minimum of 2 volunteer hours per registered child or $50 of popcorn sold. 

$30 late registration fee begins on June 1.


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Team Placement

Standard registration fees will be refunded based on the following schedule:

● Requests made before June 1 - Full refund (subject to a $10 processing fee)

● Requests made June 1 - July 31, 50% refund (minus $10 processing fee and late fee paid)

● Requests made on or after August, 1 - No refund, no exceptions.

Please be aware that not getting the practice days, team, coach, or teammates you requested does not entitle you to a full refund after June 1st. The above refund schedule applies to any player who we are able to place on a team. Any player who we are not able to place on a team will automatically receive a full refund.

​All refunds will be applied to the card used to pay for registration. 

COVID-19 Refund Policy: If the season is cancelled prior to the start, due to COVID-19, 100% of registration fee minus the third party vendor fee.*
*Refunds cannot be given for fees paid to Third Party Vendors or for uniforms worn or washed. 

Registration includes referee fees, trophy/medal, and individual/team photo memory-mate

Family Discount: $10 off registration on the second
child and after.​

Rosemont Soccer Club

Payment plans are available!

Registration Cost: u6 - $120 | u8 to u19 - $150 ​

Have a question? Contact the club or check out our FAQ page