A Team Parent assists the coach by distributing information about RSC activities, including events, fundraising, and pictures; communicating information to the team members and their parents; organizing a snack schedule and the team party; ordering trophies; and assisting the coach as needed.  A team parent may not assist with practice unless s/he has been fingered printed and completed the background check process. 

Information on Rosemont Soccer Club and River City Youth Soccer League Activities and Other Helpful Hints – 2018

What is a Team Parent?

​​​​​​Field Badges

The River City Youth Soccer League (“RCYSL”) requires all coaches and assistant coaches participate in a background check process and have fingerprints.  All persons assisting on the field must have a background check, complete the concussion training and have a photo taken.  All coaches and helpers are required to have a league-issued badge in order to be on the field and have contact with the players.  Parent helpers may no longer be on the field with the players without completing these steps.
No one is supposed to be on the field interacting with the players without a badge.  If the coach forgets his/her badge and there is no one present with a badge, practice must be canceled.
Coaches should talk to the Registrar if they need to have someone register to assist with the team.

Jamboree – August 18

The annual Jamboree will be held on August 18, 2017, at Sequoia Elementary School.  The Jamboree is the Club’s way of opening the soccer season.  We will have games, a bounce house, dunk tank, music, and a good time will be had by all.
All Rosemont teams will participate in an exhibition game against another Rosemont team in their age group.  The games will be shortened to allow time for all teams to play before the heat sets in.  The game schedule will be distributed shortly.
Volunteers are needed to help with this event.  Two volunteers from the U-6 teams and three volunteers from all other teams are required.  A volunteer schedule will be created around the game schedule and your volunteers will work near their game time.  Please provide me with each volunteer’s name and a number I can text to, or an email address.
The options for volunteering at this year's Jamboree are:

Donate 30 minutes of your time to cover the team's shifts.
Volunteer for 3 hours and receive a refund of the $20 fundraiser deposit.  (Refund to be given via the Bonzi program after the Jamboree.)  If you choose this option, you would not be required to sell a box of chocolate to receive a refund of the fundraiser deposit.  The team is still required to have volunteers.
Help plan the Jamboree - this includes attending planning meetings, to the extent you're available.

Fundraising at Jamboree:


World’s Finest Chocolate Candy Sales

Each player paid a $20 fundraising deposit at the time of registration.  In order to receive back that $20 deposit, you may volunteer at Jamboree for 3 hours, or sell a box of chocolate.  Refunds are paid within two weeks of candy monies being turned in.  Refunds are given through the Bonzi system and applied back to the card used to pay for registration.  There are no cash refunds this year.  Please share this information with your parents.
Candy will be distributed and money can be turned in at Sequoia on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00, and at James Marshall on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00
Candy will be sold from August 19 to September 15.  Candy money MUST be turned in no later than 9/15/2017 in order to be eligible for a prize.
Prizes to the six top individual sellers. 
Each team who has every player sell one box of candy will be entered into a raffle drawing.  If every player sells a second box, the team earns another entry into the raffle.  There will be two winning teams.  The first winner gets to choose either a $75 gift certificate for a team party or a collapsible bench.  The second winner gets the other prize.

 Seeding Tournament – August 26

The Seeding Tournament is something that the entire RCYSL participates in (except U-6, U-16 and U-19 teams).  This tournament is how the league determines what level the team will play during the regular season so that the teams are more evenly matched against their opponents. 
Each team will play 3-4 shortened games.  While each team will remain at one location for the whole day, the location and game times will vary depending on the age group and gender.  Coaches will receive the game schedule and location at the RCYSL meeting on August 21.
Remember, this day tends to be a hot one!  Talk with other parents about bringing pop-ups, cold waters, snacks, and sun block.
Some teams like to organize a picnic/potluck or meet up at a local pizza place.

Picture Day – September 6 and 7

Picture days are September 6 and 7, and there will not be a make-up day.  The schedule will be provided ahead of Picture Day.  Pictures are taken at Sequoia Elementary School.
Team and individual pictures will be taken at this time.
RSC will pay for one team picture and an individual sized picture for each player.  Additional pictures may be ordered/purchased by the families that day.
Players should come in full gear and uniform.  Many teams like to take the team picture with their banner, so keep this in mind when you’re ordering/making your team banners, and don’t forget to bring it!
Have players arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled picture time.  That will ensure all players are there and ready at the designated time. 
It is the team parent’s responsibility to notify the parents/players of the team’s scheduled picture time, and to distribute order packets.  Don’t forget to remind everyone a couple of days before.


Regular Season – September 9 – November 18, 2017

We play a 10-game season, with one bye week.
The first game will be September 9 (the Saturday after Labor Day).  There will be five games, and then a bye week on October 14.  (Older teams may participate in tournaments during this weekend.)
During the BYE week, RCYSL evaluates the results of the first half of the season, and may adjust the teams to higher/lower divisions.
U-6 teams will play games on Friday nights at 5:00 p.m. and do not participate in the bye week.  U-6 teams will be playing games against surrounding games.
U-16 and U-19 teams will begin play on August 26th and finish on November 4th.  They play on September 2nd (Labor Day weekend) and enjoy a bye week on October 14th.   Visit www.teamslideline.com/cpl for more information throughout the season.

Players’ Day – aka “Silent Saturday”

There will be no “Silent Saturday” game days this year!


Field Seating During Games

Teams will NOT be allowed to sit on the same side of the field as their spectators.  Both teams will be on one side of the field and all spectators on the opposite side of the field. 
CYSL adopted a “Zero Tolerance Policy” last year. “Each coach, player, and spectator shall at all times support the Referee and assistant Referees.  Negative or critical comments directed to any member of the Referee crew will not be tolerated.”  It’s the team parent’s role to remind the team’s spectators of this policy when needed.  Coaches were provided with a copy of the Policy and it can be found under “
Forms & Links” on RSC’s website. 

Team Banners

There is no requirement for a team banner. 
You may order a banner or make your own.  Poll the other parents and see what would be best for your team to do.  (You never know, you might just have an artist among them willing to take it on!)
Costs for banners are generally shared by each player’s family, unless someone elects to pay for it themselves.
Tip:  to make it easier/cheaper for future use, a lot of teams opt not to put the players’ names on the banner.  Alternatively, some people put the players’ name on the banner using Velcro/tape backing so that it can be changed when players change.

Here in Rosemont, Jenni Garverick makes banners, or the soccer balls with names to apply to your banner.  The banners are generally 3' tall, by 6' long.  The normal charge is $60 + shipping, but for Rosemont teams, she charges $50.  The balls are $2 each.  Jenni is willing to meet up at any of our fields for delivery, so we don’t have to pay for shipping. To view Jenni’s work, you can visit www.feltdeluxe.com, her Esty page at etsy.com/shop/feltdeluxe, or Facebook at facebook.com/FeltDeluxe.  You can contact her via email at jennigarverick@yahoo.com.
RSC coach Matt Blood has a company that makes banners, and prints t-shirts, as well.  See handout for more details.

Trophy and Coaches’ Plaque Ordering

RSC pays for the end of the year trophies for each player.  (*We may give out medals instead of trophies this year.)
RSC pays for one Coach and one Assistant Coach Plaque for each team. Additional plaque can be purchased for $7.00 each.  This money is due at the time of ordering.
Ordering is done at Picture Day.
Team parents should take around a roster to each parent (or player if they’re older) and ask them to write down EXACTLY how they want their name to be presented on the trophy.  Once you have this, please type it up and then have the parents/players initial next to it to ensure it is correct.  This typed up version is due to Tracy Van Der Kamp at the time the team takes its pictures.  Either an electronic or hard copy to Tracy is fine.  Keep one copy of the initialed roster for safe keeping to verify whether or not the name plates are correct
At mid-season, confer with your coach to see if there have been any changes to the player roster (additions/drops), and if so, be sure to let the Trophy Coordinator know.
Some people like to have middle name or initial, or even a nickname included. This is usually okay but will cause the font on the trophy to be smaller in order to fit it in.
Trophies are usually ready for pick up in November.  Be sure to REVIEW them closely prior to the end of the season party.  If there are any typos, or missing trophies, the sooner the error is discovered, the more likely it will be remedied before the party.
Pick up the trophies as soon as you can to avoid any delay.    
The Trophy Coordinator is Tracy Van Der Kamp -



Snack usually consists of a piece of fruit (typically grapes/oranges) during halftime, and a small snack after the game (e.g., granola bars, rice crispy treats, etc.) along with juices. 
Assigning the other parents to a snack date may be easier and faster than asking when they want to do it.  Let them know that if this date doesn’t work for them, that they are more than welcome to talk to you regarding trading with someone else.  No matter how you choose to handle the scheduling, ensure that you remain polite and approachable.  You never know what a family’s financial situation is, and they may or may not want to disclose their hardships to you.
Be sure to check with the coach to confirm they want a halftime snack.

Snack Schedule U6

Snack Schedule U8-U14

Snack Schedule U16

Goal Bucket/Jar

A goal bucket/jar is a fun and interactive way in which to get the whole side-line involved!  Every time your team scores a goal, the bucket/jar gets passed down the side-line to the parents and friends/family members to put in a small monetary donation (you might suggest a quarter or dollar per goal - whatever the other parents are comfortable with).  All proceeds will go toward funding the end of the season party.
If you choose not to have a goal bucket/jar, it is suggested that you set an amount (i.e., $10, $15, $20) per player to collect to pay for the end of the season party.
Give parents advance notice of amounts due and when it is due.  Be clear on what the purpose is.


Develop an email distribution list right away!  This will help eliminate those “forgotten” addresses when you go to send out your many notifications.  Realize that not everyone has access to email, however.  Talk to the parents and see what method of communication is best and/or preferred.  Phone calls, text messages, and/or hard copies of information may be needed.  I’ll e-mail a contact list template to help get you started.

Volunteers and Delegation of Duties

Enlist the help of 1-2 more parents to help divide the team parent responsibilities, especially if you have a larger team.  Tip: Ensure that there are distinct roles and that the other parents and coaches are made aware of who is in charge of what.
Providing incentives to volunteers may be a good way to enlist their help.  One idea is to excuse them from snack duty, if you have enough other players to cover snack duty.

End of Season Party

Teams often celebrate the end of the season and award trophies to the players. There are a number of ways to do this celebration: pizza parties, Bounce Town, Sky High, skating parties, house parties, bowling, laser tag, etc.  When planning your party, just ensure that the kids will be supervised in whatever way you plan to celebrate.
Whatever the team decides, plan and schedule it early!


HAVE FUN! Cheer on your child as well as their fellow team members, setting the tone for a POSITIVE support system!

These are only a few things to help you have a successful soccer season as your player’s team parent.  Even more tips and ideas can be found on the Team Parent Information Page!


Robin Tafoya-Larsen– Team Parent Coordinator


Cyrene Farrell- Manager